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Artificial Life is a multi-agent framework
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Cedric Nanni
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11 December 2009

Editor's review

You all must be aware of the fact that how difficult it is to develop or debug any application via considerable amount of threads. But those difficulties will be a part of the history as we present before you Artificial Life 1.4.0, developed to stimulate life. Artificial Life is a brilliant multi-agent open-sourced JAVA framework application that runs its own threads along with all other process concurrently inside one OS process. With implementation of messaging system like Messenger along with Method Invocation and Events it provides a great mechanism to overcome the problems of debugging those applications that uses multiple threads. So if are worried regarding the problem of deadlocks, get Artificial Life into your system and forget your woes as it carries the best solution for avoiding it. This Java framework characterizes two different agents namely processes and services. The process agents basically deals in performing the imperative tasks where as the service agents are functioned to provide different services to all the process.

Artificial Life assists running the agents in same OS process primarily for speed more over it also keep a constant check on any trouble that might interfere in sharing of information between agents. These agents are organized as structures that look like tree and are called as Instances. Countless number of processes together with services can be grouped and defines within a single Instance. Instances are nothing but set of Class Definition that records various paths to classes. Monitoring of all the activities and processes taking place at every node can be carried out with the collections of views all the nodes of Instance tree has in it.

Lastly Instance Server (which can be easily managed trough Telnet); Instance Manager (provides all sorts of functionalities for managing any instance); Model Composer (built to manage Instance Model) are three applications offered by the framework. What more can you expect more than this and that to free of cost?? We rate it with 3.5 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Artificial Life is a free and open sourced Java framework created to simulate Life. It is a multi-agent framework where each agent runs its own Thread.
The agents are split into two different categories: The services and the processes. The services deliver services to other agents and the processes execute specific tasks.
The agents are organized in a tree structure called Instance. Within an Instance, the services and the processes are grouped together thus, an unlimited number of groups can be defined. Each node of the Instance tree can have a collection of views used to monitor the activity of the node or interact with the node. The definition of Java classes used within the Instance (i.e. processes, services or views) is defined in the Instance Model.
In order to avoid dead locking, Artificial Life implements a messaging system, a method invocation mechanism based on the messaging system and an event mechanism also based on the messaging system.
Artificial Life
Artificial Life
Version 1.4
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